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Leuke engelse verjaardagsteksten voor zoon.

Happy Birthday!

As you start another fantastic year of your life,
we wish that all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday to our special son.

You make every single day of my life
feel like it’s Mother’s Day.
Happy birthday.

We are happy to declare
that we are the parents of this young man.
He’s educated, strong, happy and affectionate.
Happy Birthday!
Having a son like you is reason
to be proud and happy,
not just on your special day, but always!
Happy Birthday! Thanks for being you.

Every day you find a way
to bring a smile to our face.
Hope your birthday brings a smile to yours!

I’m happy to say that I see a little more
of me in you in every single day.
Happy birthday!

May everything
that makes you happy be yours,
today, tomorrow and always.
Happy Birthday!

A special message from mom and dad:
We are so thankful that God
gave us a boy like you. We love you!

Happy Birthday to our bundle of joy
who has grown up to be our proud son!

Our heart is filled with joy
because we have seen a small boy
grow into a responsible man
right before our very eyes.

It seems with every Birthday
You’re loved a little more
For making each year brighter
Than the one that came before.
Thanks to you dearest son,
we can call ourselves proud parents.
Have a great day and a great year ahead!

With love and best wishes
to the best son in the world! Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your cake!
Enjoy your day!
Best wishes for the new year!
We love you!

You know the meaning of son for me?
Special , Outstanding , Naughty
Happy birthday dear,
Have an extra special day!

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