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Leuke engelse babyshower teksten.

10 little fingers,
10 little toes.
Boy or Girl,
No one knows!

A new little baby
is on the way so
Please reserve
this special day!

The time is coming,
She’s almost due
and what we know
Is that it is definitely blue!
Baby Angel,
Welcome to this Earth.
The whole wide world
awaits your Birth!

Be it a boy or a girl,
we simply can't say,
Let's shower the Mommy
before the delivery day!

Think pink?
Think blue?
Check the date ______
She’s almost due!

The bassinet is ready.
The baby will soon be here!
It’s a Baby Shower!”

Nine months of waiting
Until baby shows,
A lifetime of love,
That only grows.

Bottles and booties
Blankets and more.
Let’s shower this precious baby
With presents galore!
Heard the forecast?
A baby is predicted,
but first there will be a shower!

Cars and trucks or
ribbons and bows,
what we’re having
only God knows!

We're having a get together
and a few little treats,
in honour of a new boy/girl
we soon all will meet!

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